Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ready for Spring

This necklace was created for a special person I know who helps me with my shopping. There are no places to shop up here in Bend, so I met this gal at the Nordstrom in La Jolla when I was visiting Tiffany and she has turned out to be quite a find for me. I can call her up and tell her what I am looking for and she will find it and send it to me. It's amazing! She even delivered a little something that I got Tiffany right to her door! She is in Point of View if anyone is interested in using a personal shopper.

I used the new technique that I use in making my MemoryMarkers for the pendant. It is complimented with light blue nugget stones and different sizes and colors of green glass beads.
This was a fun piece to make and I especially liked doing it for my friend Kim.

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