Monday, November 7, 2011


My MemoryMarkers are in a magazine! My friend Angela Cartwright asked me to encase her art in my jewelry. I have made pendants and earrings for her and she wore them into Stampington Publications and they wanted us to write an article for the Jewelry Affaire magazine. We collaborated on the article and added photos.

It was alot of fun to have my work shown in this magazine.
They will consider publishing articles on anyone who makes handmade jewelry and are always looking for new things.

I am working on other items, so be sure and check back on my Silverwear Design Etsy site in the near future.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I had the privilege of putting my friends art work in a pair of earrings I made. How much fun it was to capture a beautiful piece of art with all the wonderful bold colors and creativeness of this artist. It's wearing ART on your ears. I also have placed her art in a pendant. Uniquely hers in collaboration with my jewelry, MEMORYMARKERS.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ethiopian Cross

A little history behind this necklace: Christianity was established in the Ethiopian highlands as early as the 4th century. For over 1600 years Christian Ethiopians have worn neck crosses as a symbol of faith. The cross was suspended around the neck by a cotton blue cord called a “mateb” which was received at baptism. Jewelry wise, the cross is the most prized personal possession and most valued to collectors of all highland selections.The crosses are usually named from the region that they originate.

My Ethiopian cross, is handcrafted from PMC, measures 3/4" long by 1" wide. The necklace is made from silver gray fresh water pearls and has a simple lobster closure. It is a symbol of Christianity in a rustic form.

Busy Bee Body

A little brass bee is sitting on some honeycomb and preserved in resin. The pendant measures 5/8" x 1". Yellow fresh water pearls, the color of honeycomb make the necklace along with brass beads and a handmade brass closure. Get ready for summer fun.


This necklace says "I love you" in many languages. A 1.5" heart shaped pendant with the words I Love You stamped in many languages hangs from two brass chains measuring 33". There is a soldered connector with a little lock and key hanging from it.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ready for Spring

This necklace was created for a special person I know who helps me with my shopping. There are no places to shop up here in Bend, so I met this gal at the Nordstrom in La Jolla when I was visiting Tiffany and she has turned out to be quite a find for me. I can call her up and tell her what I am looking for and she will find it and send it to me. It's amazing! She even delivered a little something that I got Tiffany right to her door! She is in Point of View if anyone is interested in using a personal shopper.

I used the new technique that I use in making my MemoryMarkers for the pendant. It is complimented with light blue nugget stones and different sizes and colors of green glass beads.
This was a fun piece to make and I especially liked doing it for my friend Kim.