Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ethiopian Cross

A little history behind this necklace: Christianity was established in the Ethiopian highlands as early as the 4th century. For over 1600 years Christian Ethiopians have worn neck crosses as a symbol of faith. The cross was suspended around the neck by a cotton blue cord called a “mateb” which was received at baptism. Jewelry wise, the cross is the most prized personal possession and most valued to collectors of all highland selections.The crosses are usually named from the region that they originate.

My Ethiopian cross, is handcrafted from PMC, measures 3/4" long by 1" wide. The necklace is made from silver gray fresh water pearls and has a simple lobster closure. It is a symbol of Christianity in a rustic form.

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Jongani said...

Hello Casandra. I am interested in your jewellery because I am currently doing my B tech in Jewellery design and Manufacture. My Theme is Ethiopian crosses and I haven't had the luck to find someone that makes them. Please respond and I will let you know more. My blog is Modern Day Antiques Cheers